Technology Park

Through its Technology Park, CERT brings together a wide variety of national and multinational corporations. The Cert Technology Park was established to promote the exchange of technical knowledge and expertise between the educational and business communities. In order to facilitate this exchange, CERT offers distinct incentives to resident organisations. Some of these benefits include cost-effective office facilities, high-quality specialised infrastructure, access to quality resources of the Higher Colleges of Technology, and close proximity to other hi-tech organisations.

CERT and its partners in the Technology Park provide a myriad of business and industry solutions, including training and consultancy services to foster technology transfer; the promotion of entrepreneurship; and business incubator services for high technology entities, innovative new projects and business ventures.

Innovation - We strongly affirm that in order to meet the demands of business and industry, innovation is at the cornerstone of training and education.

Commercialization - At CERT we are dedicated to exploring avenues as to how your innovations and concepts can be commercialized for the benefit of your organization, UAE society and the world in general.

Networking - With our extensive network of partners, affiliates and industry collaborators, our dedicated team can put you in the driver’s seat to reach out to relevant and fruitful networks of commercial and industry leaders.