Education & Training

CERT has a strong focus on national human capital building, strengthening the local workforce and helping business and industry to grow.

CERT is readying the UAE population for the workplace by investing heavily in the development of human capital through its broad range of education and training programs.

Workforce Centric - CERT’s courses are all relevant to the UAE’s fast growing economy, and designed in consultation with business & industry leaders to ensure graduates’ skills are job-relevant and to the highest standards.

Employability- We at CERT strive to ensure our graduates have the relevant 21st century skills to make positive and lasting contributions to UAE society. Consequently, graduates of CERT courses are sought after for their technical, work-relevant and communications skills and for their adaptability to various workplace conditions.

Up-skilling - CERT is proud of its learning & training environments that encourage the development of independent and life-long learning skills necessary to succeed in a fast-changing world.